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This news portal named enarada (pronounced as e-Narada) because according to Hindu mythology sage Narada Muni is the true embodiment of news and is considered as the first journalist in the universe. He was a communicator par excellence and we intend doing the same work in the 21st century through online and therefore it is e-Narada.

Enarada News and Webcast

Being different from the ordinary is what makes enarada.com unique among the large number of news portals mushrooming all over the country in the recent past. We have just made our presence felt within a short span and we are taking baby steps in this direction in making our web portal a portent instrument of information, education and entertainment.

In this endeavor we are learning to correct our shortcomings and assessing newer ways to reach out to Karnataka Diaspora.  Soon we will be making rapid strides to emerge as a powerful and effective web portal without succumbing to the pulls and pressures usually faced by the media in general.

This news portal is an initiative to provide news and views to the readers on various aspects pertaining to the entire state of Karnataka.  We provide district-wise coverage of news to present news emanating from all the districts of the state so that it becomes easier for the readers to quickly go through news pertaining to districts of their choice.

Enarada caters to all sections of the society and also reach out Kannadigas who are residing in different parts of India and the globe so that they feel connected with the happenings in their homeland and don’t feel they are away from their homes. We also intend to reach out to all those who are connected or associated with Karnataka in one way or the other may be through jobs, education, cultural and sports activities, business associations or even the tourists.

Apart from news and views in the form of special columns and articles, we want to focus on covering current affairs concerning the state.  In the process we want to concentrate on presenting analytical articles on the various issues concerning all of us on topics of diverse interests.

Our USP is LIVE Webcasting and it is an attempt to bring our readers closer and face to face with reality.  Another distinctive feature of enarada.com is the listing of events happening in different parts of the state so that readers are kept abreast of events and happenings from all over the state.

In this initiative we need the support, cooperation and guidance of our readers which will go a long way in our emergence as a media committed to bring about a change in the field of web journalism.

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