Another leopard ‘sighted’ in Bengaluru?

135 schools remain shut for second day

ENARADA,Bengaluru,February 11, 2016


Leopard jumping out of the net at Vibgyor High on Sunday. The Leopard which had gone out of the School premises on Sunday afternoon, comes back to the campus. When the forest personnel tried to catch it using a net, it escaped.

The leopard scare continue to haunt East Bengalureans on Thursday as 135 schools remained shut for the second consecutive day. Forest department continued to receive panic calls the entire day over the leopard ‘sightings’, though there was no actual confirmation of the sighting. Forest officials said that they received a call of seeing leopard near Nallurhalli and hence had placed two cages with bait. They had also asked people to be extra cautious and report any sighting to the forest department immediately.

On Sunday, a seven-year old leopard had entered Vibgyor High (school) at Whitefield at around 4 am on Sunday. Finally, the leopard was caught after firing dart with tranquilisers at 8.30 pm the same day. Six persons including veteran wild life activist Sanjay Gubbi were injured. Since then, there have been numerous rumours going around about multiple leopard sightings. However, there has been no single confirmation of leopard sighting till date.


Leopard tries to overpower wildlife expert Sanjay Gubbi.


Sanjay Gubbi manages to fight back. The animal eventually injured 6 people before being tranquilised and captured from school’s toilet.


The Leopard which had spared Sanjay Gubbi for a moment, attacks him again. However, Gubbi manages to escape by beating the animal with his binoculars. Sanjay Gubbi is currently recuperating at a private hospital.


CCTV captures leopard’s entry into Vibgyor High at 04:13 AM on Sunday. It was first noticed by a security guard when he was about to go to toilet. He later informed cops and forest personnel.

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