Bengaluru students create greeting cards out of waste, plan to ‘gift’ litter bugs

ENARADA, Bengaluru, December 26, 2015

As the New Year is round the corner, it is a common practice to wish each other with a greeting card. So, how about a card which doesn’t even waste paper! We mean the greeting cards made purely out of recycled/waste paper. Well, the idea sounds interesting! Students studying at the Government School, Saneguravanahalli (Basaveshwaranagar) created special greeting cards (using waste/recycled paper) within a span of few hours on Saturday. For the first time in Bengaluru, the 1984-85 batch of Government High School Police Colony (GHSPC), Magadi road, kick-started a unique programme under ART OF GIVING theme-“Learn a skill, Gain a Career.”

Art of Giving, Dec 26, 2015

Roopa M, a student of 10th standard said, “A few days ago, we were asked to collect waste paper. We were wondering why? After making my first greeting card, I learnt how we have the power to reduce waste in the city. Now, I have decided to gift these cards to all those who litter the city. It is a way to embarrass the litter bugs through my style of Gandhigiri. Nevertheless, I used to learn so many lessons from books but the Saturday’s one was a special one as it was learnt from life.” Pavan Kumar M, a 8th standard student said, “Government school students are always looked down. However, Saturday’s class showed that we are no lesser than our peers from other private schools. I am really moved by Dr Achyuta Samanta’s quote that in order to gain a career, we need to learn new skills.” Shanta P Adi, a student of 9th B section said, “We hear about a lot of alumni meets around the globe but this one seems to be special as they are coming back to the G-schools and teaching newer skills which life has taught them. They are truly role model for us.”

Mamatha N Swamy, an alumni of GHSPC, said,  “Art and crafts are special skills to mould a student’s career. In fact, this also has a great job potential. So, we decided to teach various crafts including greeting cards which a student or his family can make at their homes. This was my first card making class at this school and was surprised the way the students picked up the art. Within matter of hours, artistically beautiful cards were created.”

The alumni team is not just limiting its resources to greeting card making. The team in fact has drawn up an ambitious plan to launch the vocational training in all the G-schools. “Besides art and craft, we are also looking at teaching meditation, exam writing skills, how one can de-stress during exam time, music and other skills.

HC Dodde Gowda who taught personality development classes to students said, “During our times, there was a great demand to study in G-schools. However, these days, only those students who can’t afford private school education get enrolled in G-schools. It is also pity that the G-school students are neglected lot when it comes to extra-curricular or special education compared to their peers from international schools. So, we decided why not we bring the G-school students on par with their peers. We were really motivated by the Bhubaneswar-based KIIT and KISS founder Dr Achyuta Samanta’s Art of Giving project which motivates people to help others. So, we decided why not help the students with skills for free by making them financially independent in future as there was a great demand for greeting cards.” Jayalakshmi, another team member who taught devotional music to students said, “We hope that by teaching these skills free of cost, we can empower every child in this state.”

Art of Giving

Art of Giving is a social project kick-started by KIIT & KISS founder Dr Achyuta Samanta. The project aims to inculcate the helping nature among public. The project inspires people to help another person. So, as part of the Art of Giving project, the alumni of GHSPC aims at covering all the G-schools with free vocational training in coming days.

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