Britain’s experiment in Bengaluru

ENARADA, Bengaluru, January 17, 2016

A city-based techie is emulating Britain’s experiment in Bengaluru in regulating city traffic.

Every day morning, he clicks pictures of traffic violators on his mobile phone and uploads their pictures on a Facebook page initiated by him (Whitefield Traffic Violators). This page not only documents the traffic violation type but also acts as a documentary proof for police to take action.

Traffic voilations
Bengaluru techie Sourya Prakash Parida clicking pictures of traffic violators at Whitefield. Photos by www.enarada.com

Speaking to Enarada.com, Mr Parida said, “A few years ago, I and my friend were driving in England. Though, we were acquainted with the traffic rules, we were not sure about the roads and by mistake, we entered a road which was meant only for buses. We later received a traffic challan for violation. Upon enquiring, we realised that were neither spotted by traffic cops nor CCTv instead an alert public who was travelling in a bus who had taken our picture and handed over to the police. Back in Bengaluru, I was thinking why cops were unable to book all the violators. The logic was simple as the ratio of cops to traffic violators too less and we needed someone to help cops and hence I started my initiative of-Whitefield Traffic Violators on Facebook page. I began uploading the pictures of traffic violators and since then have been getting good response from the netizens.”

Parida says that his effort has proved as to how cell phone cameras can be utilised as traffic cameras to help catch the culprits who dare to break the rules.

Bengalureans can click photos of vehicles violating traffic rules and post it on this Facebook page along with details like violation-type, date, time, place and preferably the number plate being visible.

The photos are required as a caught-in-the-act proof of violation, so they need to make sure that the photo is clicked while the vehicle is violating any of the traffic rules.

FB page
These pictures will be uploaded on Whitefield Traffic Violators Facebook page.

The city techie says that his ‘trafficgiri’ will act as a deterrent to those breaking traffic and he requests Bengalureans residing in different areas to join the movement of making a safe traffic area.

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