Cops to book cases against cops

ENARADA, Bengaluru, January 20, 2016

By Guruprasad

Starting from January 20, Bengaluru city cops have decided to penalise all those bikers who fail to wear helmets and even pillions without helmets.

Interestingly, the job assigned to cops is to look out for other cops who violate this rule.

No helmet

“Rules are rules even for fools but not for our cops”. Helmet rule is strictly enforced in Bengaluru from January 20. However, cops seem not to follow it. This pic (sourced from WhatsApp) shows a traffic cop driving in a wrong way without a helmet. Surprisingly, this violation is spotted next to UIsoor Gate police station, near Hudson (Corporation) circle.

Cop fined Rs 100
As reported by Enarada.com, a city cop was penalised Rs 100 fine for not wearing helmet while driving. He was fined by Wilson Garden Traffic Police Inspector Meenakshi on Wednesday.


A circular issued by Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic and Security) MA Saleem on Tuesday sent a stern message to the city police. The cops have been strictly warned to wear ISI-helmets failing cases will be booked without mercy. The circular in this regard was pasted at all the city police stations.

Confirming this, Saleem told Enarada, “We want strict enforcement of rules and it should start from us.”

So, if you are wondering why cops are being targeted? Police sources said that many city cops were not wearing helmets while driving. This has become a hot topic in social media especially in the Facebook page created by Bengaluru Traffic Police. There have been repeated messages challenging the City police to take action against those cops seen without helmets. Secondly, despite mandatory rule that only ISI-mark helmets should be used as head gear, most of the cops wear low quality helmets. Hence, the rule.


Helmets sales gets bigger, thanks to new rule

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