‘I was threatened of being chased by Mumbai sharp shooters’

Anwar Manappady exclusive interview to Enarada.com

Anwar Manippady, the former Karnataka State Minorities Commission chairman, poses for an exclusive interview to ENARADA

ENARADA, Bengaluru, April 21, 2016

The Karnataka politics is abuzz with the Anwar Manippady report with the BJP hell bent on the tabling of the report while the Congress is trying every trick to avoid it.

However, in a shocking revelation, Anwar Manippady claims that he has been receiving constant threats from various corners, so that his report is never out in public.

In an exclusive interview with Enarada, the former Karnataka State Minorities Commission chairman throws light on how his report went into detail of the corrupt practices of netas in managing Wakf properties and how the current ministers have been indicted.

“I have been pressurised numerous times on not digging deep into this multi-crore scandal which is to the tune of Rs 2.3 lakh crore. An influential person from Dubai had tried to woo me of not going ahead with the report by offering me a Rs 5 crore bribe. When I failed to budge, I received a call in Mangaluru that the sharp shooters were on their way from Mumbai to eliminate me. However, none of these threats have had any effect on me, “he told Enarada adding that his only aim was to bring justice to the Muslims living in Karnataka.

He alleged that his report had indicted the current Minister for Minorities in the Siddaramaiah government and had exposed the nexus of 31 Congress leaders with real estate dealers in manipulating the Wakf property records. According to him, while the Muslims in the state were living in a pitiable conditions, the leaders of Congress party had usurped the land meant for the poor Muslims and were earning in millions by converting those lands into resorts and hotels.

“There have been protests at various places in Bidar, Channapatna, Kalburgi and Bengaluru for implementing my report. Though the people are simmering with anger for not tabling the report, the influential leaders of the community, whose name has figured in the report, are trying every possible way to kill the report, “he alleged adding that despite High Court order, Siddaramiaah Government refused to table the report in total and merely presented the rejected recommendations.

Even the Karnataka Legislative Council Chairman DH Shankaramurthy had ordered the tabling of report, which was not followed by the government and an upset chairman had reported the matter to the Governor VR Vala.

What is this Wakf scam all about?

The report relates to alleged misappropriation of Rs 2.3 lakh crore of Wakf properties in Karnataka. In March 2012, as chairman of Karnataka State Minorities Commission, Anwar Maniappady submitted a report to the then chief minister of Karnataka, DV Sadananda Gowda, that exposed the irregularities in managing 27,000 acres of land controlled by the Karnataka Wakf Board. The Wakf properties in Karnataka were meant to be used for the upliftment of poor Muslims. The commission had also recommended the state government to establish a committee to investigate corrupt activities on the Wakf Board and appoint a task force to recover properties that have been illegally sold by the Wakf Board. The Income Tax Department has already initiated a probe into the issue.


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