Karnataka govt wants KISS to set up its branch in state: Minister Anjaneya

ENARADA, Bengaluru, May 17, 2016

Govt school gets a new look as AoG celebrates 3rd anniversary

The trash thrown all around Bengaluru streets may be an EYESORE but not anymore! The same trash is an EYEFUL when it was brought to Government Higher Primary School, Kurubarahalli.

The G-school in heart of the city was transformed magically as the entire classroom was decorated from waste items. The occasion was the third anniversary of prestigious Art of Giving (AoG) programme on Tuesday.

The Art of Giving is all about creating unconditional, unlimited and sustainable abundance of love, peace, happiness and contentment for others through gesture of love, kindness and generosity. For the last two years, the AoG programme has become a household name across the world for promotion of various activities aimed at helping poor and needy. The AoG anniversary is celebrated on May 17th every year to commemorate the introduction of the concept by KIIT & KISS founder Dr Achyuta Samanta.

International Art of Giving Day was celebrated in a grand scale in Bengaluru. Social Welfare minister H.Anjaneya, BBMP Deputy Mayor Hemalatha Gopalaiah, Mahalakshmipuram MLA K.Gopalaiah, Udayavani Group editor Ravi Hegde, Ex-MLA Narendra Babu, Guruprasad from Art of Giving and Kannada budding film actor Udayan Aparjeet inagurated the event. Photo by Enarada.com

Samanta’s model is applicable to entire world
Launching the third year celebration at the dressed up Kurubarahalli Government Higher Primary School, Social Welfare Minister H Anjaneya on Tuesday said, “There is an immediate need to start KISS unit in Karnataka to provide free education to tribals, poor and under privileged kids in Karnataka. I will be sending a delegation to Bhubaneswar for studying the KISS model and emulate the same in Karnataka and state government will provide all the required support including land. Dr Achyuta Samanta’s vision of providing free education has set up a new benchmark in world’s education scenario. His model is not just restricted to Odisha but is applicable for the entire world, “he said adding, “I have never heard or seen a philanthropic concept like Art of Giving. It is a unique concept without any hidden agenda. The only mantra is to inculcate the habbit of helping each other at a time when we are becoming more individualistic and self-centric. I am really amazed by the AoG programmes taken up in Bengaluru where the waste collected from the garbage dumps are converted into wealth. I really thank the AoG team for sprucing up this classroom only with trash items. We need to encourage these initiatives across our state and I am sure this concept will be a revolution in days to come and greatly benefit for all the sections of the society. I am really thankful to Dr Achyuta Samanta for introducing this concept.” Art of Giving is acting as a bridge between two hearts. Now, it is time to spread the message of Art of Giving to the entire world. Minister said he will be soon visiting Bhubaneswar. “Let us remind the youth of today that from Sir M Visvesvaraya to Siddaramaiah, all of them were educated in government schools. With programmes like Art of Giving, we need to rebrand the Government schools and bring back the old charm,” he added.

Interantional Art of Giving Day celebrated in Bengaluru on May 1

Support education for all
This year Art of Giving mantra is-“I pledge to support education for all” and as part of this initiative, education tools and accessories will be gifted to poor and needy students. All the chief guests and general public walked in with stationery items which were gifted to poor students. Deputy Mayor Mrs SP Hemalatha said, “One of the major problems faced by Bengaluru city is managing garbage. However, the sad thing is that the garbage problem was likely to worsen in days to come as the city was growing at a rapid pace. I think the AoG team is doing a commendable job in teaching kids about trash management. Bengaluru need teams like AoG which is not only giving solution to mounting garbage crisis but also teaching students skills’ for free. I also got to know about the great work of Dr Achyuta Samanta who is providing free education to 25,000 tribal kids. Hope, we too will have a facility like this in near future to help our poor kids. From BBMP, we shall always continue to support these kind of innovative initiatives.”

Benglauru needs Art of Giving
The Art of Giving (AoG), a philosophy of life (www.artofgiving.in.net) propagated by great visionary leader, social reformer, educationist and Gusi Peace Prize International Laureate, Dr Achyuta Samanta, seems to be having the key to peace around the world.

Speaking on the occasion, Mahalakshmipuram MLA K Gopalaiah said he was really proud to know that these kind of activities were being taken up in his constituency. “What Bengaluru needs is the publicity to concepts like AoG. We keep hearing many organisations making noise but here is one true group that is not working for publicity but only for the upliftment of poor and also clear Bengaluru from garbage problems. I have heard of KIIT and KISS work in the field of education. I wish them all the best.”

Former Mahalakshmipuram MLA NL Narendra Babu added that he was so amazed by the work of the AoG. He said all the government schools in the state needs to be developed on the lines of KISS for the inclusive education system.

Promotes creativity
Udayavani group editor Ravi Hegde said there was a need to promote creativity among the kids and AoG was a big step in a right direction. He wished the AoG team all the best for their future projects.

Budding cine artiste Udayan Aparajeet said even the film industry was firmly behind AoG for their unique ventures and promised all the required help.’

The highlight of the day was a musical tribute to Art of Giving by Savitha Ganesh Prasad & party.

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