Is Love Jihad now targeting men?

eNarada, Bengaluru, Sunday, March 11, 2018

Till now, it was widely believed that women were being targeted by love jihad. But, now, it seems that even guys are not safe as more and more Hindu men are getting converted Islam religion. Sources said that the men who are lured by Muslim women are forced to convert into Islam or threatened with dire consequences.

Activist Aparna Patwardhan had posted a newspaper advertisement on social media which said how Sharavana B wanted to change his name as Mohammed Shafiq. She went on to say that it was time for people to take this issue seriously also though many Hindu boys in coastal Karnataka were made to fall in love with Muslim girls and were getting converted to Islam.

Reacting to her post, one of the netizens-Ramesh V said that coastal Karnataka and Kerala were undergoing one of the most rapid demographic transformations in India. Another netizen Ankur J said that love jihad wasn’t all about women going that way but men were equally targeted.



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