Mangalore police arrest Nikhil Shetty, aide of underworld kingpin Ravi Poojary through Interpol

Nikhil Prakash Shetty

Nikhil Prakash Shetty

Mangalore, June 14, 2013

By C D Souza

In a major breakthrough Mangalore police have succeeded in arresting underworld kingpin Ravi Poojary’s aide Nikhil Prakash Shetty with the help of Interpol and brought to Mangalore from Dubai.  Nikhil, who is wanted in the murder of Vamanjoor rowdy Rohidas Shetty, had taken refuge in Dubai as he had obtained a passport from Bangalore under the false name of Nishith Shetty.

Address a press conference today, Police Commissioner Manish Karbikar said that Nikhil was wanted in several of theft, murder, supply of illegal weapons, looting and many other criminal cases both in Mangalore and Bangalore.  Karbikar also said that Nikhil was also involved in the Chemannur Jewellers theft case of Bangalore that occurred in 2007.  Nikhil was brought to Delhi  international airport from Dubai yesterday and by then Mangalore CCB police had for Delhi and arrested him and brought him to the city.

Mangalore police had collected vital information about Nikhil Shetty, the name of his Dubai sponsor, his address, mobile number and other details in July last year.  They had also issued a red-corner notice on him through Interpol based on the information collected and sent the same to Interpol in Dubai.  The Interpol arrested him on February 2, 2013 and also sent his extradition file to India. This filed was given to the UAE authorities in India asking for his extradition in the murder of Rohidas.

The police are hoping to get more information from Nikhil Shetty about underworld dons. Apart from arson and looting Nikhil is also one of the accused in the attack on Richard Pinto, partner of Souza Electronics in 2007.

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