Movie 2.0: the Poor show with a strong social message

eNarada Bengaluru, Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bengalureans woke up at 4 am to watch India’s most expensive movie (approx. budget Rs 543 crore)-2.0. This is probably for the first time that a Tamil movie got a 4 am show at multiplexes.

With ace director Shankar and ‘superstar’ Rajinikanth teaming up together, 2.0 is a visual miracle, though too much of visual effects may prove a dampener.

Before we go to the movie, a bit of background about the movie’s story. Ever since Shankar’s Enthiran (Robot 1) hit the screens, there was pressure on Shankar to begin the sequel. However, Shankar waited for a very long time as he didn’t get the right story. It looks that mobile radiation and its harmful effects have given ammunition to Shankar’s 2.0.

As Shankar needed a powerful antagonist, he chose Akshay Kumar (one more reason could be to reach out to north Indian markets). Akki plays the role of an ornithophily, who wants to protect birds from mobile radiation. When he fails to convince the authorities, he hangs himself and takes the route of a spirit to punish the corrupt. However, when the mission turns into a madman role, it is time for scientist Rajinikanth’s creation Chitti (Robot) to save the world. So, who wins the race is 2.0 all about.

Without mincing words, we can say that Shankar has once again proved that he is the ace director in the country. However, his over-dependence on VFX effects turns out to be an irritation.

For Rajini’s fans, there’s not much of exciting scenes except for the fact that Rajinikanth’s ‘grandson’ Kutti 3.0 makes a debut.

Another worrying factor for the producers could be empty benches on the first day shows at Mantri mall. If you want to watch the real spectacle of the movie, we advise you to watch it in the 3D version.

However, there is still buzz in Bengaluru about the movie especially among students and staff in Gavipuram Kannada model school. We recommend you check this eNarada video where Rajini’s fans and friends give exclusive details about Rajini’s school days.

Generally, it would have been a festive atmosphere at Nataraja theatre (Seshadripuram) whenever Rajini’s movie was to release. Fans would put out huge cut outs, burst crackers and distribute sweets. However, with Nataraja joining the history of closed theatres, the Rajini movie’s mania is surely missing. eNarada Picture

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