Naxals can never kill Gauri: Sirimane Nagaraj and Noor Sridhar

eNarada, Bengaluru, Monday, September 11, 2017

Who killed Gauri Lankesh? This is the million dollar question haunting everyone’s mind. While the liberals are blaming the right wing, the right is taking jibes at the left! We literally don’t who is right now!

Ever since Gauri was brutally gunned down at her house in Rajrajeshwari Nagar, her friends and supporters were quick to point fingers at RSS and saffron party. However, her brother Indrajit Lankesh was equally quick to refute the charge and said that he suspected the handiwork of Naxals as Gauri was actively involved in bringing a few naxals to mainstream.

Sirimane Nagaraj and Noor Sridhar jointly breifing media. eNarada Picture

On Monday, two former naxals Sirimane Nagaraj and Noor Sridhar came out in open to say that the Maoists wouldn’t have any hand in killing her. Giving out details from their perspective, the former naxals said that the Maoists had their own tough code when it came to deal with outsiders. According to the former naxals, Gauri was never a villain to naxals and no one hated her. Another proof is that none of the Maoists have not issued any statements owning their responsibility for her murder. It is unfair that home minister has ordered for investigation into Naxals’ involvement angle also. Gauri Lankeh had a link with the Naxals since 2004 and they had high regards for Gauri. Gauri has always been a friend and hence there was no question of her being killed by the armed Maoists.

So, whom to be blamed? According to former naxals, it is the saffron party which is to be blamed. During the press conference, Nagaraj said, “If you look at social media, you will get to know who is rejoicing the death of Gauri and you have the answer. So, stop blaming the naxals and probe the involvement of right wing activists. Gauri always had a threat from her and probably that was the reason why she had even installed a CCTV at her home.

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