Old jeans + mora = Designer wall hangers

If you visit any household, you are sure to come across two items in abundance; one would be old, worn-out and torn jeans and the other is mora. As many people don’t know how to make use of these items, they either discard or dump it in the godown. However, now, you can decorate these old items in your walls! Wondering how, watch this video

Namma Bengaluru’s super talented art and crafts teacher Mamata N Swamy has come out with a latest video in eNarada where in she teaches how to make designer wall hangers using old jeans pants and mora. In her video, she demonstrates as to how one needs to cut old jeans pants to externally cover a mora and then paint it with terracotta colour. Then, she uses a white paint for design and your wall hanger is ready.

Well, you may wonder that it may not be as easy to make one. But trust us; once you watch this video, we are sure that you too can design your walls using discarded items. Then, why to wait for; log into eNarada to see a host of DIY videos which will help you in your daily chores as well as during festivals.

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