People throngs Hasanambha Temple

hasanamba 16-10-2014
On the first day of opening of Temple, devotees thronged to have darshan of the Goddess at Hasanamabha Temple in Hassan city.

ENARADA,Hassan,  October 16, 2014

By Mathigatta Shivaram

The Hasanambha temple which opens only once a year during Ashwija Masa for 10-14 days, opened today. Devotees from different parts of the state assembled  in the ‘powerful’ temple to have divine darshan of the Goddess.

After the ritual of ‘cutting the trunk of banana tree’ by Talavar’s family members, and priests performing pooja, temple doors opened at 12:45pm. This year, temple will remain open till October 25.

Devotees maintain that, Lamp burns without air circulation and oil, and flowers remains fresh, throughout the year inside the girbhagriha of the temple.

The district administration have made necessary arrangements for the devotees visiting the temple. Erecting barricades and installing CCTV cameras to monitor the crowd, providing drinking water, shade to prevent sun light while standing in a long queue, prasadam, mufti police to check untoward incidents, establishing a help counters, are some of them.

Devotees also visit and offers puja at the Sri Siddeshwara Swamy temple next to the temple of goddess Hasanamba.  Devotees takes part in  car festival of god Siddeshwara swamy and participates in Kendotsava, walking on fire.

General public can have Darshan  every day between 6am and 1pm, with the evening darshan between 3pm and 10.30pm.


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