Putani Safari’s Real Safari Story

eNarada, Bengaluru, Thursday, July 20, 2017

In the era of Rs 100 crore club movies, film fraternity and people seem to care less for the new wave movies which are made with a shoestring budget and sans huge star cast.

In case if the movie happens to be a children’s movie, the general belief is that the film is made with the motive of only bagging an award or a subsidy. However, dispelling the myths, a children’s movie has turned out to be a blockbuster with the first week running to nearly packed houses.

Well, we are talking about Putani Safari by newbie Ravindra Venshi. The director has chosen an interesting story about two boys; one of them born and brought up in a city and the other in a rural area. Now the story focuses on how they try to rediscover their strengths when they get lost in the forest.

This movie which has been billed as Kannada jungle book has a gripping narration and the director has succeeded in bringing the best talent from the kids. For the last one week, the movie is running to packed houses.

Venshi recalls that even he wasn’t initially sure about the huge reception his movie would receive. He says that when they had sought to release their movie in Veeresh Mini which had 270 seats. However, as this theatre was already booked for another blockbuster Ondu Motteya Kathe, Venshi was forced to opt for Veeresh main theatre with a seating capacity of 800. However, after a few days, Venshi and his team realised that even this huge theatre was falling short with the surging crowd. The director and his team have also adopted unique strategies to promote the movie. While they threw up a charity premiere show for orphanages, they also got rave reviews on social media from kids.

However, as is the case with many Kannada movies, Putani Safari is being ousted from theatres as the owners want to rent out their premises for bigger movies. Despite the best efforts from the team, the theatre owners are in no mood to encourage the kids’ movies while the multiplexes were allotting odd timings. It looks like that it is not just the script of Venshi’s movie that is intriguing, even their offline problem with pre and post release is taking numerous twists. We just hope that the climax for the post-release of Putani Safari turns out to be a positive one.


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