‘Save Bengal’ screams in Namma Bengaluru

eNarada, Bengaluru, Saturday, July 8, 2017

Scores of Bengalureans under the banner Citizens for Democracy (CfD) hit the road on Saturday condemning the atrocities on Hindu families by Muslim fundamentalists in West Bengal.

This protest led by CfD coordinators Rajesh Padmar, Radhakrishna Holla and youth leaders Tejaswi Surya, Anil Chalagiri and Tanmayi Sringar said that it was time to “Save Bengal”. They alleged that Bengal which was once the land of peace and glory in all the fronts was today turning into a land of lawlessness and falling values of human life.

Citizens for Bengaluru hold candle light march demanding ‘Save Bengal’ from Muslim fundamentalists at Maurya hotel circle. eNarada picture

The latest trigger for the protest was the communal violence in Baduria in (North 24 paraganas district, West Bengal). On July 4, 2017, communal riots broke out in the area over an objectionable post on Facebook about a holy site. The BJP has alleged that 2,000 Muslims attacked Hindu families and Centre had to rush around 300 paramilitary personnel to control the situation.

The members of CfD also alleged that Hindus in West Bengal were living in constant fear due to threat from Muslim fundamentalists. In the last few years or so, the Muslims in Bengal were becoming dominant while the Hindus were becoming soft targets.

The protestors also alleged that the state government headed by Ms Mamata Banerjee was taking a soft corner approach towards Muslims and a hardliner approach towards Hindus. Citing examples of red carpet welcome during Moharram procession and curbs on Durga procession, the youths in Bengaluru said that it was time for the Centre to act to protect the Hindus. They also alleged that influx of Muslims from neighbouring Bangladesh and population explosion had increased the Muslim population drastically.

According to the protestors, Hindus were 79.85 pc of population in 1951 but have constantly decreased to 72.27 pc today; while Muslims who were only 19.46 pc have rose to 27.01 pc. The protests were also simultaneously held at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

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