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Script for BJP win at Centre written in Karnataka?

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Was the script for the fabulous win of Modi and the BJP in the loksabha election written in Karnataka?

It looks strange but true going by the political tradition that Karnataka has built over the years the past nearly three decades.

It has been seen that whichever party government comes to power in Karnataka fails to come to gaddi in New Delhi and vice versa. In Karnataka the BJP won the assembly polls, even as the UPA continued to reign in New Delhi. And in 2009 loksabha elections, the BJP could not dislodge UPA.

In 2013 assembly elections, the BJP was worsted handing over the reins to Congress after a lapse of nearly a decade. Congressmen both at the Centre and state were buoyed up and the Karnataka win was considered as a good omen for the UPA at the Centre to achieve a hat trick. It was the time for the Congress to be routed in the 2014 loksabha election.

The   BJP, which a year ago, hardly looked like challenging the political hegemony of Congress romped home with a magnificent win not only ending the coalition politics but bettering the win under the leadership of Vajpayee, only to confirm once again the political adage.

How could the BJP lose in Karnataka, in 2013, when just five years ago it was in unassailable position in the afterglow of its success in 2008?  Yeddyurappa, the man who led the party to victory to create a political history in 2008, proved to be destructor in chief for the party five years later.



Had  Yeddyurappa  not thrown  tantrums  on being asked to quit in the context of the indictment made by Karnataka  lokayukta in the illegal mining scam in Karnataka, turned against his own party over the delay in reinstating him, BJP would not have certainly lost the Karnataka ‘s 2013 assembly election. That would not have augured well for meteoric political rise of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of the country. Perhaps BJP’s national leadership should have rewarded Yeddyurappa for his “contribution “to the BJP’s victory in the Loksabha poll.

Should the Congress under the circumstances pull up the Karnataka Congress leaders for wresting power from BJP in Karnataka, which has been its undoing in the loksabha poll?

They may or may not do. The Congressmen in Karnataka have a readymade excuse, which is difficult to be ignored. They may take a plea that they never seriously tried to win. The power to them in Karnataka came on a platter, mainly because of the sins of omission and commission by the BJP and because of any conscious war preparations made by it.

(Posted on June 4 , 2014 @ 11:00pm)

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