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Sri Devi Mahatme – English Yakshagana attracts enthusiasts







ENARADA, Mangalore, July 3, 2013:

Photos and report by C D Souza

“Sri Devi Mahatme” a yakshagana performance with English dialogues was staged at the Town Hall yesterday July, 2, 2013 by P V Aithala English Yakshagana Troupe, much to the delight of the curious crowd.

Though this is not the first Yakshagana bayalata to be staged with English dialogues, yakshagana enthusiasts were ecstatic to see yakshagana with English dialogues and were present in the Town Hall in large numbers.

The show which began at 2.30 pm did not have much audience except for a few die-hard yakshagana fans who had come from far flung places specifically to watch the show.   Moreover, it was a working day.  But as evening approached the hall began to fill with yakshagana enthusiasts who came to see the yakshagana field drama out of curiosity and enthusiasm.

In fact yesterday’s programme was the 12th English yakshagana bayalata staged by the above troupe.  The dialogues of this bayalata are staged to observe the 16th death anniversary of late P V Aithal.  The dialogues of this yakshagana are scripted by Dr P Santhosh Aithal, son of late P V Aithal.  The troupe has earlier staged dramas like “Mahisha Mardhini”, “Brahma Kapala”, “Girija Kalyaana’ and “Shambavi Vijaya” in English.

English yakshagana has fascinated Yakshagana enthusiasts and many of them came to watch the field drama out of curiosity and to see whether they get the same feeling of watching and enjoying a yakshagana with English dialogues.

75 year old Tirumaleshwar  Bhat had come all the way from Kasaragod to watch  “Sri Devi  Mahatme” today.  He said “I am an avid Yakshagana fan and I have watched many Tulu and Kannada yakshaganas.  I just wanted to see how the dialogues will be rendered in English and hence came to watch this”.

Similarly Parameshwar Shetty (77)   from Pandit House, near Kuttar Padavu, also came to watch this yakshagana with the same intent.  After watching he is happy to know that dialogues rendered in English are effective as that of any other language though it is a little difficult for us to listen to songs (Bhagavat) in Kannada and dialogues in English.  “English dialogues would attract non-Kannada speaking people and this would in turn popularize yakshagana”, Shetty declares.

One thought on “Sri Devi Mahatme – English Yakshagana attracts enthusiasts

  1. Harihar Bhat, Bangalore.

    A thought process was in progress with in me. An experiment could be done, using English to relate YAXAGANA to a large number of people of this universe. This is heartening to learn the experiment done. Khudos to the organisors.


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