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ENARADA, Mysore, April 11, 2014

Lakhs of devotees witnessed  historical  ‘Dodda Jatra Mahotsava’ car festival (Pancha Maha Rathotsava) at Nanjangud today. Popularly known as Kashi of the southern state, Nanjangud  is situated at 23 KM’s away from Mysore city on Ooty-Mysore Road.

The devotees, including women and children, made a beeline for the temple town and had a dip in Kapila River before proceeding to witness the car festival.

Devotees gathered to have a glimpse of the Srikanteshwara were seen chanting Bhajans. The pujas were held during auspicious ‘Shuba Meena lagna’. The presiding deities were taken out in a procession in five chariots which were adorned with colourful flowers.

The first to roll out was Ganapathi Ratha, followed by the chariots carrying deites Srikanteshwara Swamy (Gowthama Ratha), Chandikeshwara, Subramanya and Parvathamma. Devotees from other states too joined in the festivities. As a mark of offering, many devotees started hurling bananas towards chariot.

Meanwhile Tension prevailed around Srikanteshwara temple, as Gowthama Ratha, the chariot carrying the idol of Lord Srikanteshwara, the presiding deity, got stuck in the main road at the closing stages of the annual Rathotsava.

The authorities deployed a Jack from Railways, a crane from KSRTC and JCBs from local contractors and managed to pull the Ratha by noon.



Nanjangud Chariot gets stuck

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