Super Bikes turn Super Models

eNarada, Bengaluru, Monday, July 10, 2017

It was one of the rare scenes in Brigade Road on Monday when people tried to take time off their busy schedules and pose for a selfie with bikes!

A few of the bike enthusiasts who had been to a bike race in Coimbatore were returning to the city with their imported super bikes. These super bikes were mounted on an open SUV and was being ferried to Devanahalli.

Speaking to eNarada, Bike owner said each bike would cost 14 lakhs and he will take part in racing events across the nation.

As these super bikes went on a city tour, the people who had their eyes on the bike could not take their eyes off.

While some tried to stop the vehicle so that they can pose for selfie with the super bikes, the others tried to capture the pictures on their mobile phones with a dream to own or ride it one day.

In fact, super bikes are a growing craze these days. If you happen to be on a highway any weekend, you can see of scores of bikers flaunting their super bikes in the mornings. Their schedule is also a bit of weird. They would travel 100-200 km on weekend mornings just to sip coffee of munch breakfast. Needless to say that whenever they are biking, people come out on roads to have a glimpse of these vroom machines. In fact, even those restaurants where these bikers have regular coffee or breakfast has turned into picnic spots for the rural youth work assemble on weekends just to get a glimpse of these bikes.

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