‘Use social media to reach people’

ENARADA, Bengaluru, April 1, 2016

By Guruprasad

The Bharatiya Janata Party seems to be have hit the mantra of ‘Digital India’ to regain power in state.

During the state executive session held at Bengaluru today, the party leaders had one important message to all its functionaries-use social media effectively.

social media

Social media is the only tool to reach to the people and if used effectively, it can once again help the party to win elections in the coming future, was the message for delegates.

The party leaders also claimed that the social media was helping BJP in doing a lot of damage control and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has demonstrated the world as to how social media can transform the country.

Citing an example of former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa’s absence, BJP general secretary (Karnataka in charge) P Muralidhar Rao said, “Mr Yeddyurappa was late to today’s programme. If we were not using social media, then the media would have gone to the town claiming dissidence in the party. However, thanks to the social media, we could do the required damage control right away by sending messages instantly explaining Mr Yeddyurappa’s late arrival. This is just an example. It is time for the BJP leaders especially the legislators and parliamentarians hone their social media skills and interact with people directly.”

Union Minister for Chemicals HN Ananth Kumar said Prime Minister Modi had used the social media like Facebook and Twitter to reach the people effectively. “The NDA government led by Mr Modi has been doing wonderful work though the media has failed to project in a right way. However, we are not worried as Mr Modi has lakhs of followers on Twitter with whom he is in touch on a daily basis. So, if we all can take to the social route, we can tell the people as to what are the achievements of Mr Modi’s government on a day-to-day basis and this will help us in connecting to the people especially the youth. So, the moral of the story is-get set for your social media skills.”

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