Vijaya Karnataka gives big thumbs up to KISS

eNarada, Bengaluru, November 29, 2016

Before dying, Dana Majhi’s wife had one last wish; it was to educate her three daughters.

Long after her death, Mr Majhi was wondering how can he ever fulfil his wife’s wish and this was when he got a call from Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) founder Dr Achyuta Samanta who promised free education.

Today, Mr Majhi is the happiest person as his three daughters are enrolled into KISS. The story of Majhi, his struggles and his connection with Dr Samanta has been well articulated in an edit page article published in Karnataka’s leading newspaper Vijaya Karnataka on November 29.

VK edit article on how KISS is a leading light in educating tribals.

Apty titled-‘Hridayasparshi’, the article is really a heart touching piece on how many poor tribals in Odisha found their ‘home’ in KIIT & KISS. The article also highlights that how KISS has played an important role in reducing Maoist influence in Odisha. The illiterate tribals who would have otherwise ended up joining Maoist movement are now wooed into mainstream society by Dr Samanta through his innovative education.

Achyuta Samanta with Dana Majhi and his daughters.

Dana Majhi is glad that his three daughters are being educated at KISS with the blessings of KIIT & KISS Founder Dr Achyuta Samanta.

The article also mentioned about the recent National Geographic channel’s Mega Kitchen programme that featured on KISS’ kitchen which feeds 25,000 plus students every day.

After reading the article, KISS and KIIT founder Dr Achyuta Samanta heartily thanked Vijaya Karnataka editor Mr Thimmappa Bhat and the columnist Mary Joseph for featuring the plight of Odia tribals. He also said that the article motivated him to work more in the field of educating tribals.

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