Waste to Wealth to be taught in more schools

ENARADA, Bengaluru, June 6, 2016

The ‘waste to wealth’ stall put up by the students of Kurubarahalli Government Higher Primary School under the aegis of KIIT University and Art of Giving programme turned out to be a big hit during the World Environment day programme organised by the Karnataka Government in association with the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KPSCB) at the Kanteerava Indoor stadium on Monday and Tuesday (June 5 and 6).

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Students flocking to the Art of Giving stall at the Kanteerava Indoor stadium, where the ‘Art of Giving’ team head displayed the ‘waste to wealth’ artefacts. Photos by Enarada.com

The Art of Giving stall displayed a special theme on how the waste can be converted into wealth. The entire stall was decorated with only waste items. Though they were waste items picked up by garbage dumps, they gave a new hope for a city like Bengaluru as to how one can reduce trash and convert into wealth.

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Anupama Janardhana, an Art of Giving trainer said, “The students from a number of city schools visited our stalls. They were so impressed with the concept that they wanted us to teach these skills in their institutions. As we are doing a volunteer service without charging a single paisa, we are also looking forward to teach the ‘waste to wealth’ skills in as many schools as possible so that the message of reducing trash is spread across the city.” For the last couple of months, the Art of Giving team is teaching innovative skills for free at a number of Government schools in Bengaluru.

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Mamata N Swamy, another Art of Giving trainer said, “When we began this programme of waste to wealth, we never knew it would pick up so much momentum. Today, the ‘waste to wealth’ is one of the most sought after past time activity of students. We request the state government to include waste to wealth as part of curriculum in the state syllabus so that we inculcate this important lesson to every student.”

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Kurubarahalli Government Higher Primary school headmistress Manjula KS said, “This is a fitting tribute to the World Environment Day programme which concluded on Monday. We have been teaching these skills to the students. We have observed a new trend that the students often bring waste items that have been thrown on the roads and convert into an artefact in the school premises and take this back to gift to litterbugs. We seemed to have hit a right chord by teaching a very important life lesson to students and parents.”

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