35 years later………..

ENARADA, Bengaluru, November 17, 2015

It may be quite an easy to find an old friend/acquaintance these days as all we need to do is search a social media site!

However, searching an old relationship may not be easy always.

Here is an example of tracing an old relationship that dates back to three decades!

Reunion after 35 years. Photo: www.enarada.com
Headmistress Vasantha is in all smiles as she met her ex-students after a gap of three decades. Standing from L to R: Mohan, Basavaraju, Guruprasad, Mamatha N Swamy, Deepa and Devika Ravikumar. Photos by www.enarada.com

For the last 3 years, a group of friends were on a mission to find their old teachers. They have been visiting places around Bengaluru with frantic calls to acquaintances. However, their search had met with limited success. However, their biggest breakthrough came on September 4, when they managed to find and reunite seven of their old teachers. In fact, the reunion captured many an eye balls as even Bengaluru media captured those emotional moments. Yet, the old students had one grouse as they couldn’t find their favourite teacher-Vasantha who used to teach Social Studies in 1980s.

Reunion after 35 years. Photo: www.enarada.com
Old student Basavaraju, now working as  BWSSB Contractor  distributing chocolates to students of Gidadakondanahalli Government school.

The search for their favourite teacher led them nowhere. The team had lost hopes but for a call on last Sunday.
The caller, whose voice sounded similar though not identifiable at first.

“The caller identified herself as Vasantha. I couldn’t believe my ears as she was the person whom we have been searching all these years. Vasantha was transferred from the Government school, Police colony in 1980 and since then, I hadn’t heard anything about her. I was pleasantly surprised as to how she found my phone number. To this, she said of reading newspaper articles about our reunion and hence got in touch with our old school where we had organised ‘Art of Teaching to Art of Giving’ Day. She also invited us to her school on Tuesday,” said Mamatha N Swamy, a home maker.

Reunion after 35 years. Photo: www.enarada.com
Old students motivating existing students to explore their hidden talent.

So, the ex-students headed to Gidadakondanahalli school, off Magadi road on Tuesday. They were pleasantly surprised to see their favourite teacher finally. Ms Vasantha was so thrilled as she had personally cooked special food.

“After a brief chit chat and munching delicious food, Ma’am took us around the school where she was currently serving as a headmistress. She was so excited to share the story to her current crop of students. One of our team mates-Mamata decided to do something special by teaching students on how make dolls out of the trash. We also distributed sweets and crackers and the event turned out to be a Diwali of sorts. It wasn’t just Vasantha Ma’am who was thrilled but also the students witnessing this three-decade old reunion,” said Mohan who is into granite business.

Reunion after 35 years. Photo: www.enarada.com

Mamatha N Swamy demonstrating as to how one can create an art literally with thrash.

One of the students said that he had learnt a biggest lesson of his life outside the classroom as he realised that life was the best teacher and if someone gave her life to teaching then her children came back to give her life. It was truly an ‘Art of Giving to Art of Teaching moment’.

Reunion after 35 years. Photo: www.enarada.com
Gidadakondanahalli Government school students all excited to learn making dolls. Old Student Deepa who is working as supervisor Nurse in NIMHANS, assists students.

Reunion after 35 years. Photo: www.enarada.com
Old student Devika Ravikumar and others distributes raw materials for dolls among students.

Reunion after 35 years. Photo: www.enarada.com
Jai Ho! Vasantha ma’am can’t ask for better as she is cheered by her ex-students as well as current crop of students.

Test 1
The students have something special to take home today.

Reunion after 35 years. Photo: www.enarada.com
Diwali isn’t yet over….as students rejoice burning colour papers.

Reunion after 35 years. Photo: www.enarada.com
Rain couldn’t dampen the festive spirit at Gidadakondanahalli school.

test 2
Once More! It was a historic day for the students who couldn’t ask for more as there was no end to their excitement.

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