Bengaluru hotel found unjust on GST

eNarada, Bengaluru, Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dining out has become an expensive affair since July 1. Recently, a Bengalurean was in for a shock when he went for a lunch with his friends. When he received the bill, he was charged Rs 9,000 where in Rs 2,000 was mentioned as the GST. Though the Centre tries to defend itself saying that though they have levied higher GST for top end hotels, even smaller hotels are trying to fleece the customers in the name of GST.

We, at eNarada decided to do a reality to know how the hoteliers were cheating customers and they were caught red handed. A few of the city hotels have found a new modus operandi to cheat customers by giving out hand written bills. For example, an order of Rava Idly, Set Dosa and Bajji was billed as Rs 109 at Indraprastha Hotel, Vijayanagar. The customers were given printed bill where in it was mentioned that the actual food price was Rs 97.32 and it came to Rs 109 with an addition of Rs 11.68 (GST).  The same bill was collected at the food  counter before issuing food. So, when customers demand the printed the bill, the hotel had no hesitation in giving out a hand written bill (which is against the Central government’s policy).

Customers  can  present the bill to claim their deduction in service taxes at the time of filing their returns.  So, how will they claim the reduction if they are not giving printed bills (as mandated by the Centre).

Public are under the impression that hotels are trying to charge every customer a  higher bill without producing the original bill for everyone. The hotels are merely defending themselves saying that they are following rules but it is the customer who is feeling the heat.

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