‘Bengaluru is a karma bhoomi for North Indians’

ENARADA, Bengaluru, November 8, 2014

Akhil Bharatiya Ekta Munch (ABEM),the newly formed forum for safeguarding the interest of North Indian people living in Bengaluru, believes that Garden city is a Karma Bhoomi for them.

By realising it is safe, friendly and a potential city, lakhs of families from different districts of North India  have migrated to Bengaluru city. Most of them have become permanent residents of Bengaluru, according to ABEM.

“By nature we are hard working  and Bengaluru  is the perfect city for us to work,” said Udaya kumar Singh, president of ABEM. “This is the first forum in the city to address grievances of North Indians and we are proud that Bengaluru is a Karma Bhoomi for us”.

Singh praised Dr.C.N.Ashwathnarayan, MLA representing Malleshwaram constituency, for extending unconditional support for North Indians whenever they approaches him with problems.

Ekatha Munch bengaluru

C.N.Ashwathnarayan, MLA addressing the gathering in ABEM get-together held today at Palace Grounds.Uday Kumar Singh, president of ‘Manch’ (right) and others look on.  Photo by ENARADA.COM

Speaking on the occasion, C.N.Ashwathnarayan mentioned that nice weather and good civic administration makes Bengaluru the best city in the country to live. “We the people of Karnataka have big heart and accommodates anyone in the country. Please feel at home,” said Ashwathnarayan.

Speaking to Enarada.com, Bipin Kumr Singh, President of Bhojpuri Association in Bengaluru, said many smaller organisations including  his organisation, have come under the umbrella of ‘Manch’ to establish a bigger league.  ABEM boasts of having 40000 members already and hopes to cross 1 lakh mark within few months.



2 thoughts on “‘Bengaluru is a karma bhoomi for North Indians’

  1. omprakash kurmi

    Thanks a lot Uday ji for taking such a responsible, social initiative,proud to a part of it.


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