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BMTC buses violates traffic rules, goodwill saves from getting notice

ENARADA, Bangalore, October 28, 2014

Traffic violations in Bangalore city is visible to ‘Eagle Eye’ of police personnel sitting in front of gigantic screens displaying ‘Live’ coverage from  cameras installed across the city.

The Traffic Management Centre located in the Traffic police Head Quarters on Infantry Road is  busy booking cases  for vehicles  stopping on Zebra cross, Violating lane discipline, not wearing seat belt, No parking, Riding on footpath, using mobile phone and various other violations.

BMTC buses violates traffic rules more often than private cars but gets very less notices from Enforcement Automation Centre. The reason?  Personnel who book cases  are police constables and they have a soft corner towards BMTC buses, as they use BMTC buses everyday to travel. Free of cost. Surely, a goodwill gesture!

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