Celebrities throng Hassanamba

eNarada,Hassan, October 21, 2016

Of late, Hassanamba temple has turned out to be a must visit place. The temple which opens once in a year during Diwali season is attracting sea of crowd. Thousands of visitors have had darshan this year including celebrities like Shivarajkumar and his wife Geeta, former minister HD Revanna and so on. Even the social media is abuzz with devotees clicking selfies at Hassanamba temple, a pointer to the fact as to how visiting this temple during annual darshan has become a prestigious issue.

Film star Shivarajkumar visits Hasanamba Temple. eNarada Pictur
Actor Shivarajkumar and his wife Geetha visited Hasanamba temple today. Speaking to journalists, Shivarajkumar said it is their first visit to the temple. eNarada Picture.

This year, the temple opening had its share of controversies where in JD(S) supremo and former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda accused Hassan Deputy Commissioner V Chaitra of high-handedness for not inviting the local MLA for the preliminary meeting. This year, the district administration also decided to depute ex-servicemen to control the huge crowd and this fact has also not gone well with the local politicians. Interestingly, a few politicians including Deve Gowda have openly called their men not to use the special darshan and instead visit the temple as commoners and HD Revanna was spotted standing in the queue on Friday.

Hassanamma or Hasanamba means, in Kannada, a smiling mother or goddess. In this connection, a traditional story, as to how the goddess Hasanamba came to be established at this place, is narrated thus : The Saptamatrikas (seven mothers or goddesses), in the course of their journey from Varanasi (Kashi) to the South, were pleased with the scenic splendour of this area and decided to make it their abode. Accordingly, of the seven mothers, who were sisters, three settled at Hassan and another three in a tank called Devigere, also in Hassan proper, and were called Hasanamba, while the other one settled in a forest near Kenchammana-Hosakote in Alur taluk and was called Kenchamba.

It is believed that though the temple is closed for 356 days in a year, the flower decoration to the deity and the lamp lit inside the sanctum sanctorum looks intact and fresh! As per the Hindu calendar, the darshan is thrown open between Ashwija Maasa Poornima and closed on the next day of Balipadyami. Hasanamba temple was built during the 12th century under the Krishnappa Nayaka and is famous for its rich grandeur. The devotees see the Goddess through a snake hole where they see the rich and ever imposing Goddess blessing her devotees. This year, the public will be allowed to visit temple till November 1, 2016.

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