‘Cyber laws must for teens’

eNarada,Bengaluru, December 4, 2016

It is time to incorporate cyber laws in our school curriculum, says former Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Vijay. According to him, India should follow the Israeli model where the cyber laws are taught to teenagers. Participating in the Social Media Meet 2016 organised by Vishwa Samvad Kendra in Bengaluru on Sunday, Mr Vijay said that due to the constant threat of cyber attack, Israel was the one of the few nations to boast a thriving programme on cyber security for teenagers. As India too is facing the cyber attacks, teaching cyber laws at an early age is beneficial.

Tarun Vijay ji addressing participants of Social Media Meet 2016 in Bengaluru on Dec 4. eNarada Picture.

Vijay said the understanding of cyber laws very essential in India as we are facing the threat of “internet colonialists” who were stealing our data wealth. “In the olden days, they stole our Kohinoor and today our precious data. Hence, it is time for the Union government to defend our country from the “cartographic attack” on India’s sovereignty. Microsoft and other American agencies are publishing wrong maps of India, and surprisingly, we are not making the correct and right noises against it. This is the map where entire Kashmir and our Aksai Chin are shown in China and Pakistan. This is clearly an attack on India’s sovereignty. The Government must take up this issue seriously”, the former Rajya Sabha MP said citing a previous instance when he was part of the NATO meeting in Brussels where the officials were showing the wrong Indian map. “To protect the sovereignty of India and to stop the cartographic attack, we must give them notice and boycott their products. It is time to make Bhuvan (ISRO’s Google Earth type software) more powerful and better than Google Earth. Now, unless we do this, nobody is going to use Bhuvan,” Vijay added.

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