‘Fish’ made me minister: Pramod Madhwaraj

eNarada, Bengaluru, Tuesday, November 2017

Any guesses as to why Pramod Madhwaraj became a minister in Siddaramaiah’s cabinet? Believe it or not, Pramod claims that one of the reasons is due to his habbit of eating fish!

Now, if you are wondering as to what has fish to do with his ministerial qualification, Pramod has a readymade answer. He says that eating fish is very healthy and it makes any person intelligent. So, Pramod became ‘intelligent’ thanks to his fish habbits. The minister made these remarks while promoting fish eating during the announcement of Karnataka Mathsya Mela (scheduled to be held at Kanteerava stadium from December 8-11). In fact, Pramod began his press conference saying that everyone should eat fish as it is good for health.

Snacks looks like a fish dish served at press meet. eNarada Pic

If the ‘fish’ lessons weren’t enough, the scribes were in for another set of surprise when they were offered snacks. A few scribes refused to accept it saying that they don’t eat fish. However, the minister’s men were quick to get back saying, “Sir, though this looks like fish, it isn’t fish. We have only tried to serve cutlet that has been looks like a fish dish!”

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