Indic thoughts are the best in the world, says Ram Madhav

eNarada, Bengaluru,Sunday, February 11, 2018

BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav participated in an event organised by Manthana in Bengaluru. eNarada Pic

The thoughts originated in India gave solace to the entire human race irrespective of their caste, creed and religion, said Ram Madhav. Delivering a speech at an event organised by Manthana at Bengaluru on February 11, noted thinker and BJP national General Secretary Ram Madhav felt that the thoughts originated from India were most profound and liberal and were the only solution to save the mankind.

While rest of the thought processes across globe ‘forced’ its followers to ‘believe’ in its observations, the Indian thought process were thought provoking as it encouraged them to ‘seek’ knowledge by questioning and cross-examination. “The other thought processes exerted pressure on its followers to gain believers, while the Indian process encouraged seekers,” said Madhav.

He coined the term Indic thought which, according to him, rests on value-based system and allowed its followers to ask questions before accepting anything. While the term ‘character’ in western thought process is insufficient to express feelings, the Indic thought encouraged people to transcend to higher level of being ‘Sheela’ vanta (listen to inner feelings) from ‘Charitra’vanta (following externally imposed social rules).

Citing an example of the great philosopher Ramanjuacharya, Madhav said, “After learning about a Dalit woman’s ordeal, Sri Ramanuja broke the tradition and announced that there is no more caste system in the society and all are equal in front of God.” This is a perfect example for “Sheelavanta”; Madhav said adding that the RSS was a vehicle to transmit Indic thoughts to the rest of the world.

“Few Muslim families expressed their freedom of conscience and wanted to denounce Islam religion to embrace Hindusim. They approached Kanchi seer for further guidance. Surprisingly, seer advised them to continue in their present religion and be a ‘Pious’ Muslim,” explained Madhav while highlighting the Indic thoughts.

Answering a question from the audience about improving economic conditions in the country by aggressively promoting the swadeshi movement, Madhav said the Modi-led NDA Government was trying to support the swadeshi movement by invoking anti-dumping laws. He expressed inability to implement the policies as mafia was strong enough to find alternative ways to source products from foreign countries and market it in India.

“If people give preference to the local products first; like choosing from their district and should source it from their state if it is not available in their district. Similarly, the products should be bought as far as it is an Indian one and should go to a foreign brand only if it is not available in the country. If this process is followed religiously, then the swadeshi movement can be a big hit,” Madhav opined.

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