Is Helmet must for driving car?

By Enarada News Bureau, Bengaluru, February 5, 2016

It is mandatory to wear helmets even for pillions in Bengaluru and those violating the rule will be penalised. But, it seems that city police wants to strictly implement this rule even for those travelling in cars.



On Saturday, Prakash S, a BJP spokesperson was served a traffic challan asking him to pay a fine of Rs 100 for not wearing Helmet while riding pillion.

A shocked Prakash checked the challan to see that the vehicle registration number displayed in the challan and it was of his car. Now, Prakash is wondering how can cops penalise those travelling in car also to wear helmets.

Sources said it is another case of wrong entries which the traffic police usually resort to. On many occasions, the cops try to take pictures and mismatch it with others and in other cases they tend to enter wrong details.

Now, in this case, Prakash license would continue to show as a defaulter for not paying fine until the cops rectify their erroneous error.





One thought on “Is Helmet must for driving car?

  1. Sankar

    I see that BTP issued clarification on this.. As per BTP violation code was entered wrongly, booked for stopping on zebra line at signal. They did published the photo as well.


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