Journos to be trained in court reporting

ENARADA, Bengaluru, November 10, 2015

From lawyers to witnesses, plaintiffs and defendants, being in a court hearing or trial is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.

Cases involving divorce, custody, domestic violence and criminal behaviour will inevitably lead into the courtroom, and because of the nature of these cases, it is imperative that accurate court documents are produced in order to ensure the safety and protection of all parties involved.

Court reporters are an important part of these legal proceedings, documenting the testimony within a courtroom and recording the details of evidence, rulings and all other legal considerations.

With the continual advances made in technology, many court reporters have found themselves competing with computers and recording devices that are used to record legal accounts in a courtroom or during depositions or other court and evidence-related meetings. This poses a problem for both the court reporter and the accuracy of the transcripts. Court reporting is more than the verbatim documentation of communication within the court, but also serves as a way to reduce the confusion of the courtroom testimony.

Hence, to sensitise journalists, Karnataka Media Academy and Karnataka Judicial Academy are jointly organising a training programme on COURT REPORTING.

The programme will be inaugurated by Justice N Santosh Hegde and presided over by Justice N Kumar. Infrastructure Minister Roshan Baig, law minister TB Jayachandra and Karnataka Media Academy president MA Ponnappa will address the programme.

You can watch this SPECIAL PROGRAMME live on Enarada.com.

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