Karnataka govt finally offers job to Leesha

eNarada, Bengaluru, Friday, June 23, 2017

The Karnataka cabinet has finally decided to offer a government job to Ms Leesha NS. The move comes following a recent notice issued by the Karnataka High Court.

It was on April 17, 2013, a bomb exploded near the BJP office in Malleswaram injuring 18 people. Of them, Leesha N S, 18, was severely injured.

The impact was such that her left leg bones were broken into pieces. Since then, Leesha has undergone nine surgeries but is yet to recover completely.

Since then, Leesha has been running from pillar to post for a government job under disability quota. She had even knocked the doors of the Karnataka High Court which ruled in favour (asking the State to provide her a job in October 2016).

However, despite the order, there was no headway. An upset Leesha alleged that she was insulted by government staff whenever she went to enquire about her job status. So, she once again knocked the doors of the HC by filing a contempt petition saying that the government has failed to honour the HC verdict.

Following this, the HC on June 12, 2017, had issued notices to the state government. Realising the severity of the issue, the state cabinet decided not to take any chances further and provide her a job.

Similarly, the cabinet has also approved a job offer to Ms Anita, wife of Lokayukta SP S Ravikumar, who had died in a road accident.

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