No Ray of hope

ENARADA, Bengaluru, March 5, 2016

By Guruprasad


Sunil Kumar Desai was one of the most promising directors in Sandalwood. The reason why we used the word “was” because Desai seems to have clearly lost his midas touch as for as direction is considered. Desai who is credited to have introduced great actors in Sandalwood (like Sudeep) and directing thriller movies (like Nishkarsha) came up with his much hyped movie Re. This was one of the most awaited flick for bringing veteran actors Ramesh Arvind and Anant Nag in the same frame and also for being a comeback movie for Desai after a decade. The pre-release buzz had definitely brought the audience to the theatres though the buzz fizzled out from the scene one.

Re kannada film

Re intends to tell the story of spirits without the basic spirit of holding the audience to their chairs. The old fashioned way of storytelling, lacklustre cinematography, boring and longish shots, coupled with dull narration turned out to be the main villain for Re audience. As the movie refused to hit pace despite the second half in progress, audience had no option but to look at their watch. (Looking at the watch is one of the indicators as to how boring a movie can be).

Even the choice of star cast seems to have hit the bug. We wonder why did Desai choose Ramesh Arvind as the lead role. We feel that the story demanded a newcomer as a hero who could have done a better justice than the veteran hero like Ramesh. The only saving grace of the movie was Anant Nag and Harshika Poonacha. The story of the movie revolves around a generation of spirits which are struck in a house waiting for their sixth generation descendant to liberate them. While the spirits were waiting for the liberation, the audience too were desperately waiting for “liberation” from the movie till they could see the most awaited title card-THE END.

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