Now, make your Ganesha idol at your home

eNarada, Bengaluru, Sunday, August 20, 2017

Did you know that most of the aquatic life dies after the Ganesha season due to immersion of chemical idols? Well, then what is the solution? The best way to celebrate Ganesha festival is to consecrate and pray a clay idol. The clay idol is not only helps in religious ways but is also environmentally friendly. However, the big question is where to get these clay idols which are very expensive?

Now, you need not worry. You can buy clay for dead cheap price and make a Ganesha idol from your own hands. Let’s clarify that we are not cracking any joke as you can make Ganesha idol by watching our video. The latest DIY (do it yourself) video from eNarada (after the mega success of Vara Mahalakshmi festival video which touched more than 5.3 lakh views on YouTube) is about making a clay/ Green Ganesha idol at home. Our instructor-Mamata N Swamy demonstrates in detail as to how easy it is to make the idol in minutes.

This year, it looks like that Bengaluru is going for a ‘green revolution’ where in many organisations are coming forward to promote eco-friendly Ganesha idols. “It is a great thing to promote the eco friendly Ganesha. I particularly liked the video made by eNarada on making the clay Ganesha idols. The video demonstrates every minute detail. The best part is that the video is online so that we can rewind and watch it; it is also easier for us to experimental our homes. I think everyone should watch this video so that we can kick-start the green revolution,” said Swati Bhat, a techie.

Well, let us once again tell you as to why you need to celebrate Green Ganesha festival. PoP is a calcium sulphate hemi-hydrate (CaSO4, ½ H2O) derived from gypsum. While idols made out of naturally occurring clay dissolve within hours of immersion in water, PoP idols may take anywhere between several months to years to fully dissolve. As a result, it reduces the oxygen level in the water, killing the fish and other aquatic organisms. Added to this, the paints used for decorating the idol contain heavy metals like mercury, chromium and lead. These chemicals in turn affect the water used for drinking from the river where the idols are immersed. According to a study by the Central Pollution Control Board in Bengaluru, the acid content in the waters increased when PoP Ganesha idols were immersed. Added to this, the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) increased by a 100 per cent. The Dissolved Oxygen content increased during the day due to the agitation of waters during immersion and reduced at night when organic discharge increased. The heavy metal content sampling showed an increase in metals such as iron which increased nearly 10 times and the content of copper in the sediments increased by 200 to 300 per cent. Worse, when chemical paints are used to decorate the idols, these paints contain heavy metals such as mercury and lead, which seep into the water as the idol dissolves. This is a grave insult and denigration of Lord Ganesh.

So, today, let us take a vow to protect our water bodies by using only natural Ganesha idols.

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