S.L. Bhyrappa penning his new book

ENARADA, Bengaluru, November 25, 2015

Lakhs of Kannada book lovers wait with bated  breath to read SL Bhyrappa’s novels. So, for all those of you, here is the NEWS. The famous Kannada litterateur’s new novel may come out sooner or later.

S.L. Bhyrappa, Novelist

S.L. Bhyrappa, Novelist

Bhyrappa who is  known for penning masterpieces like Parva, Vamshavriksha and Daatu etc is now busy for his next blockbuster book. Confirming this to Enarada.com, Mr Bhyrappa said he was gearing up for his next release though he refused to divulge the release date.  For the sake of completing his project, he is rejecting all the invitations to attend different functions across the country.

It has been seen in the past where some  people  queue up to buy Bhyrappa’s novels. 

Each of his novels has created a lot of reader interest with lot of debates and reviews. Bhyrappa is also known to choose interesting titles for his books, want to continue suspense about the new title some more time. He merely said, “I shall finalise the title once the book is ready.”

His last book was Yaana released in 2014.


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