Snake idols worshiped on the occasion of Nag Panchami

ENARADA, Bengaluru, August 19, 2015

For seeking divine blessings for the welfare of family members, People across the country worshiped  snake god today, on the Fifth day (Panchami) of Shravan month.

Nagarapanchami in Mysuru. Ph: WWW.ENARADA.COM A group of people from different age worshiping snake god on the occasion of Nagara Panchami today at Mysore.Photo: WWW.ENARADA.COM

Earlier, it was a practice to worship the actual snakes and offer milk . Nowadays, snake idols are worshiped and bathed in milk. As snakes are dear to Shiva, devotees visited Shiva temples and performed abhisheka ( pouring of water/milk) on shiva linga. Many farmers didn’t plough their fields today  to prevent any destruction to anthill.

Some brought clay snakes in the morning, worshiped and immersed in the sea / river in the evening.

As it was difficult to  find Naga devata idols and anthills, many  chose to worship at home. They made a five hood snake at home by mixing “gandh” (a fragrant pigment),”haladi” (turmeric powder), “chandan” (sandal) and “kesar” (saffron)  and worshiped.  Few devotees observed fasting till dawn.


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