This temple says NO to cows

eNarada, Bengaluru, Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A calf has been donated as an offering to the Bayalu Basaveshwara temple. As there is no space, the calf will be the responsibility of the priest who has to either sell it or be its caretaker. eNarada Picture.

As cow has turned out to be the national topic these days, a small temple in Bengaluru too is facing a peculiar ‘cow and calf problem’.

Every day, the Bayalu Basaveshwara temple (Kommasandra on Chandapur- sarjapur road, Anekal Taluk, Bengaluru) authorities wake up to see cows or calves being ‘offered’ at the temple.

The clueless authorities have even resorted to displaying notice board saying that no one should leave their cattle at the temple premises. However, the notice board seems to have no effect as even on Monday, the fresh cattle were seen dedicated to the temple!

The story goes thus; as the temple dedicated is dedicated to Basavanna, it is a practice for villagers to take vows and if their vows are fulfilled, they would offer a cow or a calf to the temple. Though, it would have been a manageable affair for the temple authorities in the olden days, it has now become difficult as the temple is now part of the growing Bengaluru that has no place for cattle grazing. So, the worried authorities are forced to request devotees not to bring cattle. However, the devotees are refusing to listen.

A notice board in the temple stating that no one should leave their cattle as an offering. eNarada Picture.

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