Unique Dasara at Bengaluru outskirts

ENARADA, Bengaluru, October 14, 2015

Dasara is not just eagerly awaited at Mysuru but also at Sarjapur road in Bengaluru.

Now, if you are wondering what so special about Sarjapur road Dasara? Well, as thousands throng to Mysuru to witness the historic Jumbo Savari, similarly, many throng to Sarjapur road to taste the delicious ‘Mudde oota’ (ragi balls) served at Bayalu Basaveshwara Swamy fair.

The Bayalu Basaveshwara, the local deity at Komasandra Chandapura-Dommasandra (CD) road is known for his ‘miraculous’ powers. It has been a practice since ages to organise the biggest ‘Annadana’ (free food distribution) programme on Vijayadasami day (this year on October 23) followed by a fair the next day (October 24).

Bayalu Basava in Kommasandra Village, Bengaluru				enarada.com

The Bayalu Basaveshwara, which is in the form a bull at this temple is said to be of historical and mythological importance.

Devotees believe that all their vows taken in the name of Bayalu Basaveshwara turns true and hence the popularity is soaring over years.

The two-day festival (Annadana and fair) ignites a festive spirit in the area as neighbouring villages gets decorated. The Grama Devatas (the village deities) are brought to Bayalu Basaveshwara temple and offered special prayers during the fair.

With a constant increase in the number of devotees, developmental works are being undertaken at a swift place.

So, don’t miss to be part of this unique Dasara festival being organised at Bengaluru outskirts this year.


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