We miss you Maa

ENARADA, Bhubaneswar, August 13, 2016
Odisha Governor S.C. Jamir addressing condolence meeting of Nilimarani Samanta.

Odisha Governor S.C. Jamir participated in  condolence meeting of Nilimarani Samanta.

Honourable Odisha Governor SC Jamir took part in the 11th day ceremony at Kalarabank village on Saturday.

He paid rich tributes to Ms Nilimarani Samanta who passed away on August 2. In his condolence speech, he said, “I am honoured to speak about a lady who had excelled in all the roles; house wife, mother and a social activist. It was Nilimarani’s dream of converting this into a model village and she had successfully done this. I sincerely thank the efforts of Dr Achyuta Samanta for being a worthy son of a worthy mother. I never got a chance to meet Ms Nilimarani but definitely know that she may be like any ordinary lady but her works were definitely not ordinary. Her activities had fostered social good in this part of the country. She had played a key role in promoting education by opening up of schools. Even the telemedicine facility introduced in the local hospital was a revolutionary concept.”

In fact, the whole village of Kalarabank (which is 62 km from the Odisha capital Bhubaneswar) was mourning by remembering the rich contributions made by Ms Nilimarani.

It was Ms Nilimiarani’s vision that had converted a remote hamlet of Kalarabank into a model village in the entire India. Today, Kalarabank is not just a smart village with Wi-Fi connections but also a truly solar village. It has all the modern amenities like rural citizen service, KIMS rural health centre with telemedicine facility, a top class English medium school, CCTvs, public library, self help groups, hygienic drinking water and sanitation project, metalled road, ATMs, youth club, women committee meeting hall, public park and children’s park etc. All this was possible due to vision of Ms Nilimarani and relentless execution by her son KIIT & KISS founder Dr Achyuta Samanta.

Every villager in Kalarabank had only one thing to say-“We miss you Maa.”

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