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Wit cuts anger,Stomach-churning experience,Vaastu effect?

ENARADA, Bangalore, October 20, 2014

Wit cuts anger

When Bangalore MLA visited the play ground in his constituency, an angry young man confronts him and complains about the unwanted podium built there by spending a huge amount. “Why public money has to be wasted on the project like this? No one is  benefited,” he utters in a tone of disappointment. Suddenly his anger vanishes, by hearing an impromptu reply from MLA, “The contractor is benefited.”


Stomach-churning experience

Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  ‘Swatch Bharat’ mission, party workers gathers at a public area, as early as 7.30am on sunday. After the exit of TV channels, senior leaders leaves the place. The Jubilant workers continue with their work for the next 45 minutes and gets exhausted. Few workers expresses their disgusting experience of putting  their hands to clean the area which was stinking with human excreta and other waste products including liquor bottles, to a owner of the juice shop located around the corner.  Owner said, “being in the area for one hour makes you sickening , what about people like us who lives here at all times?”


Vaastu effect?

A owner cum cashier of a small hotel was happy for the last 10 years, serving customers with tasty food by charging minimum rates in the area. Labourers working in Rajajinagar Industrial area frequents his hotel.  His business started fading as new hotels emerged in the vicinity.  Some Vaastu expert advised  him to  renovate his hotel to regain the lost business and he readily agreed. The coffee counter is shifted to another area. The entrance to kitchen is closed and a new entrance formed at the other end of the wall where coffee counter existed. Confused with the changes, his loyal customers are  asking him why he has done the changes.  The owner is puzzled as he can neither answer nor keep quiet.

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