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      Stay away from tobacco smoke, even if it is someone else’s smoke

      ENARADA, Bengaluru, December 20, 2014 ‘When someone smokes a cigarette, most of the smoke doesn’t go into their lungs. It goes into the air, where anyone nearby can breathe it.’ ‘For every 300 cigarettes manufactured, one..

    • New bill to takeover mutts

      ENARADA, Belagavi, December 20, 2014 In a major development which may upset Hindus, Government of Karnataka has introduced a bill to amend ‘The karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act’ hurriedly. The bill was..

    • PK formula- Ridicule religion in a funny way and get succeed in box office

      ENARADA, Bengaluru, December 20, 2014 PK-The movie has a message- all Hindu Gods are powerless and all  Hindu religious establishments are thriving by luring innocent devotees.  The movie also tries to prove Islam & Christianity are equally..

    • Government releases new calender and dairies

      ENARADA, Belagavi, December 20, 2014 Kimmane Ratnakar, Minister for Primary and Secondary education, Sanjeev kumar, Prinicipal  Secretary, Department of Public Instructions releases new calendars and dairies for 2015. N.R. Vishukumar, Director,..

    • Students sing road safety song’ Stop, Look and Listen’

      ENARADA, Bengaluru, December 18, 2014 The ‘Road safety education program’ was launched in four schools in Bengaluru by an NGO Fleet Forum in association with Shell India. As part of the program, students will undergo 7 weeks of training..

    • Condolence meetings held across the Nation

      ENARADA, Bhubaneshwar & Bengaluru, December 17, 2014 People from all over the country are in deep grief over the cold-blooded killing of 132 school children by terrorists in a military-run-school in Peshawar (Pakistan)on December 16. Students of..

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