Bengaluru offers 5 million roses for Valentine’s Day

ENARADA, Bengaluru, February 14, 2016

By Guruprasad


Valentine’s Day is never complete without roses. So, if you are giving a rose to your loved one, then there is every chance that the rose you are gifting may be from Bengaluru. In fact, it is not just in India but worldwide, there is a great demand for roses.

Bengaluru can be called as the Rose capital of India as it exports the maximum number of roses to the world. This year, it has been a bit special as the city exported around 5 million roses.

There is a great demand for Bengaluru roses in many countries, including Australia, Britain, Europe, Gulf region, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Roses are widely grown in and around Bengaluru in an area of 250 hectares of land with a daily production of 1.5 million stems. This year has been very special for the floriculturists as the rose production has gone up by 25 per cent.

World wide it is believed that Valentine’s Day is a big boost to economy. According to the National Retail Federation’s Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey, 54.8 percent of American consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day, spending an average of $146.84 on flowers, jewellery, candy, apparel and more, up from $142.31 last year.

As the first major consumer holiday of 2016, Valentine’s Day could provide a positive boost in spending the economy needs. Interestingly, flowers are an integral part of this spending and thanks to the global demand for roses, Bengaluru once again turns out to be the Rose Capital of India.

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