Bigger Vessels attracts devotees in Biggest Festival of Bengaluru

ENARADA, Bengaluru, April 3, 2015

Bengaluru Karaga is the most popular and the oldest festival celebrated in the heart of Bengaluru. It is a joyous occasion for the Bengalureans every year during the first full moon of the first month of the Hindu Calendar.

Old timers of Bengluru strongly believes that celebration of ‘Bengaluru karaga’ and ‘Goddess Annamma’ festivals brings good fortune to Bengaluru city and generates peaceful atmosphere all over Karnataka.

Though Bengaluru has changed its look and culture due to over growth of the city, still the ‘Karaga festival’ attracts lakhs of people from across Karnataka and neighbouring states.

Bengaluru Karaga, Free distribution, 3-4-2015. Ph: Enarada.com
Buttermilk in a huge vessel to quench the thirst of devotees participating in Bengaluru Karaga Festival. Photos: ENARADA.COM

Volunteers with social service attitude will set up temporary tents to distribute Juice and food all over the city to feed devotees who travel from faraway places to watch ‘Karaga Procession’ throughout the night.

Hundreds of makeshift tents offering Buttermilk, Panaka (fruit juice), Kosambari (Salad made from Cucumber, pulses and seasoned with Mustard seeds), Rasayana(made by mixing ripe Bananas, Jaggery and grated coconut),  Vegetable Pulao (Spicy rice dish) and other mouth watering foodstuff free of cost to general public, emerges all over Bengaluru city on the occasion.
Bengaluru Karaga, Free distribution, 3-4-2015. Ph: Enarada.com
General public enjoying the delicious Buttermilk, Panaka and Kosambari.

One such tent in Kempegowda circle opposite Santosh cinemas in Majestic area was the major attraction, as it is traditionally erected on the Karaga festival day every year for the last 15 years.

“We are happy to serve people attending Karaga Festival by offering Buttermilk, Panaka, Kosambari and Pulao. We have started serving today around 4:00pm after a puja and the service will continue till 9:00am tomorrow. Our big vessels are the main attraction,” said Prakash who was monitoring the preparation and distribution at the centre.

Speaking to Enarada.com, Prakash, resident of Mahalakshmi layout in West Bengaluru, said he started supplying Buttermilk 15 years ago in a small pot at the same place where he is managing to continue the service in a bigger scale now.

“Thanks to P.S.Srinivas Murthy & D. Suresh Gowdru who are spending over INR 7.5 lakhs to 8 Lakhs every year to set up the tent, prepare foodstuff and distribute it on the day of Karaga Festival. I am only overseeing it and entire funding is done by the duo. They do not take any financial help from others and spends their own hard earned money as they feel that there is no parallel to this service,” said Prakash.

According to organisers, the vessel used for preparing buttermilk can holds up to 8000 litres while Juice vessel holds up to 6500 litres.

Prakash revealed that the ‘Big’ vessels will be used only on the day of Karaga festival and it will be preserved in Kaivara Thataiah temple premises in Chickballapur district later.

People from faraway places used to throngs to their relatives & friends residing in old Bengaluru city areas like Thigalar pet, Cubbon pet, Akki pet, Cotton pet, Majestic, Avenue road, Chickpet and adjoining areas to jointly celebrate the night-long festival. This trend is declining as the entire stretch where Karaga Procession goes around has turned into a commercial hub in the last few decades and  the ancient joint families residing in these areas has moved to other parts of Bengaluru after selling their properties.

Bengaluru Karaga, Free distribution, 3-4-2015. Ph: Enarada.com


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