Boat tragedy in Malpe – Body of missing baby recovered

Udupi, May 21, 2013;

The body of two-year old boy who was drowned when the boat had capsized at Malpe beach on Sunday May 19, 2013 has been found.  The boy identified as Hitesh had fallen into the waters along with 15 other family members and relatives when they were boating in Malpe beach.

Though the search operation was launched soon after the 15 other people who had fallen into the sea were saved by fishermen from Tamilnadu, his body could be recovered only yesterday evening.  The body was then handed over to the family.

It may be recalled that the family from Doddaballapur, Bangalore which was on a three-day trip in the coastal districts had capsized due to overloading and negligence of the owner of the boat.  Though the capacity of the boat was only 12 the boat owner had allowed 16 people in the boat leading to overloading and subsequent tragedy.

One thought on “Boat tragedy in Malpe – Body of missing baby recovered

  1. saravanan.s

    I was one of them with our 7 friends and our driver in the boat which has occured on that day. we all were trapped under boat and saved all of us by holding the seats and other grips for 5 to 7 minutes, It was pitch dark. luckily the tide pushed all of us to the bank of the sea. It was horrible experience and we are just got our re-birth. Thanks to God who had saved us.

    Feel very sorry for the kid – who was with us in the boat. May god bless his soul.



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