Dissolution of Goseva Ayog rakes up beef eating controversy

ENARADA, Bengaluru, October 9, 2015

The Siddaramaiah Government’s move to disband the Goseva Ayog is snowballing into a major controversy. The BJP, which had previously established the Cattle Commission, has now openly accused the Congress of indulging in hate politics and polarising the society on the lines of eating habits.

On Wednesday, Karnataka cabinet had abolished the Cattle Conservation Commission (Goseva Ayog) and merged it with the Karnataka unit of the Animal Welfare Board (AWB).

The previous BJP Government had introduced Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill (2010) and subsequently established the 16-member commission for protecting the cattle from being taken to slaughter houses and attach them to the nearest Goshala.

The cabinet also ratified the Belagavi session’s decision to repeal the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Prevention (Constitution of Goseva Ayoga) rules, 2012.

Criticising this, BJP’s state SC/ST Morcha general secretary Dr Chi Na Ramu said Congress government’s only motive was to appease Muslims and provoke Hindus. “It seems as if the State is taking a lead in promoting cow slaughter without realising the fact that 24 out 29 states have opposed it. Animal and Husbandry Minister TB Jayachandra had said that they were forced to disband the Ayog as it was in active. Now, I wonder whether the government realised this after a gap of two and a half years. This is a clear indication as to who is inactive; Goseva Ayog  or State Government.”

BJP Protest
BJP SC Morcha Protests against dissolution of Goseva Ayog by Siddaramaiah Government today in Bengaluru. Photo by www.enarada.com

Defending the Goseva Ayog, he said the only mission of the Ayog was to preserve the indigenous breed which was on the verge of extinction. There was a great demand for desi cattle beef and a number of illegal slaughter houses had mushroomed all over the state.

“The Government’s media advisor Dinesh Ameen Mattu is openly promoting beef eating in public. Now, one wonders whether he is media advisor or beef eating advisor? I respect the sentiment that everyone’s eating habbits needs to be respected. However, doesn’t this mean that the majority Hindu’s sentiments need to be respected? I request the state to immediately withdraw its order on Goseva Ayog failing which BJP will be forced to intensify protest, “he added.

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