Mysuru zoo welcomes baby Giraffe

ENARADA, Mysuru, December 11, 2015

The Mysuru Zoo got a new star attraction on Friday with birth of a male giraffe calf.

The baby Giraffe was born to second-time mom Khushi and the veterinarians said that Khushi has been very attentive to the calf, who is nursing regularly, and zookeepers have been monitoring mother and baby.

Mysuru Zoo

Khushi is 11-year old. She arrived at the Sri Chamarajendra Zoo in 2007 from Lucknow.

Currently, along with the new born giraffe, there are two male and four female giraffes in the zoo which is famous for housing the world’s tallest animals.

According to Mysorezoo.info, Chamarajendra zoo has got a very good track record of recording and breeding Giraffes in the past, but the entire population wiped out during 1980’s, due to epidemic diseases. But again the glory brought back to Mysore Zoo, when Honey and Henry, received from Germany Zoo, on exchange programme during 1988.

In fact, Mysuru zoo is the fourth in the world to hand rear two giraffe claves successfully in earlier times, which spoke volumes of the expertise gained in the management of hand raring of Giraffe calves.

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