Why KSRTC buses stop at unhygienic places?

ENARADA, Bengaluru, October 1, 2015

Why do KSRTC buses stop at unhygienic places? This is the question that crops up the mind of every KSRTC traveller.

Every day, lakhs of commuters board state-owned Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC) and North East Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NEKRTC) buses only to be stopped at unhygienic hotels thereby irritating customers and leaving them high and dry.

For the benefit of commuters, buses do stop at regular intervals (at designated hotels) so that the passengers get some leg space as well as refreshments. However, almost all the hotels where these buses stops are notorious for nauseating toilets, unhygienic food and rude staff members!

For example, Sunil boarded a KSRTC bus from Mangaluru to Bengaluru today. After a six-hour journey, the bus finally stopped at a hotel Mayur near Yediyur. The commuters who were waiting for a desperate break after travelling in the curvy ghat roads were welcomed by a hotel that offered ‘plenty’ of service name sake. The loos were far from using while the food served was miles away being tasty. “Though I didn’t feel like eating, I had no option but to eat. So, I ordered for Rava Idli and the hotel people were ‘generous’ to serve hair-filled idlis. When I questioned, a server quipped, it is common to find hairs and there was no need to panic as it could easily be removed by hands! When questioned, the driver expressed helplessness saying he had no say in choosing the hotel.”

KSRTC bus stopping at unhyegienic hotels. Photo by ENARADA.COM
KSRTC bus stops at unhygienic hotel on Monday, October 1, 2015 near Yediyur on Bengaluru – Mangaluru highway.  Photo: www.enarada.com

K Bhaskar Rao, another regular commuter on KSRTC bus to Hyderabad said, “It takes 10 hours to travel from Bengaluru to Hyderabad in a volvo bus. During mornings, it is common to see commuters rushing to toilets. However, the KSRTC buses stop at such hotels where it is not even possible to get down. Despite complaints, there has been no improvement.”

Now, one wonders as to why KSRTC chooses such hotels? Investigations by Enarada.com has revealed that it is the officer-hotel nexus that is robbing customers of luxury.

The hotels which pay decent kickbacks are the ones chosen. The drivers and conductors are instructed to stop only at such hotels. Every time, a bus stops at these hotels, the driver/conductors are offered free meals as a complimentary gesture. The driver is also paid a fixed amount for every trip which he needs to ‘deposit’ to his higher ups. We often we hear from KSRTC officials of making big statements like setting up high class food plazas which have merely remained on paper.

When contacted, KSRTC managing director Rajendra Kumar Kataria said, “We have formed special teams to check the quality of hotels. If the commuters face any problem, they are free to complain. so that we can take action.”

If you also have faced any such issue, Enarada.com welcomes you to post your comments/experience so that we can take the matter to KSRTC officials and launch a campaign against unhygienic hotels.


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