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At last the craving of Yeddyurappa for proper rehabilitation in the party, has been partially met  with his induction as one of the national vice presidents of the  party under the new dispensation of Modi-Amit Shah combination,  which is in full  control of the  affairs of the  organization and the BJP led NDA government.

It is a common knowledge  that  the post of the national  vice president is a merely ornamental post  and  the responsibility that it entails is totally unclear.

Knowing his penchant for power, this development should not normally satisfy the ego of  the former BJP’s Chief Minister of Karnataka. He would have certainly loved a berth in the  Modi cabinet,  which was denied to him in  no  uncertain terms. But there is no alternative for Yeddyurappa to accept it.

What does this mean for the party at the Centre and the power equations at the state level in general, vis-à-vis his tenuous  relationship with his betenoire Ananth Kumar in Karnataka.?

It is also well-known that Yeddyurappa  feels quite uncomfortable  to swim in the national political waters of  New Delhi, his basic inability to interact with Hindi  being one of the contributory causes.


Years ago, he was made as one of the national secretaries of the party and he did not  last long.

His utility therefore is restricted to Karnataka, whatever it may mean. And  in Karnataka he has no special job to be done, since the Congress government led by Siddaramaiah is firmly in saddle.

With the humiliating party defeat in loksabha election, the  Congress High Command has virtually lost its command to rein in the Chief Minister.

The BJP’s old habit of poaching into the  other terrain to entice the other party legislators into BJP as was done during  the Yeddyurappa regime in the past, is of no avail at the moment.

Some JDS legislators may be thinking  of swapping their loyalty with BJP but  it has no relevance, since it hardly gives any leeway in upsetting the  apple cart of  Siddaramaiah.

And the three bye elections, currently on Shikaripur, Chikodi-Sadalaga and Bellary Rural are politically insignificant. The outcome has hardly any impact on the political fortunes of the  Congress and BJP. It may at least pander to the egos of  Yeddyurppa and Chief Minister Siddaramaih. At best,  he can needle the present party leadership led by Pralhad Joshi, an acolyte of Ananth Kumar  and his mentor.

Perhaps Yedddyurappa can cock a snook at Ananth Kumar, who had always used his  organizational position in New Delhi to  needle him. Today in the party’s central organizational setup, Yeddyurappa has moved up the ladder and Ananth Kumar has lost  his place.

Moreover the comeback of Yeddyurappa to  the main stream of the party, has given one  clear message that political value practiced during the Vajpayee-Advani era no longer hold good  under Modi. And that corruption is no sin. You can be in the party, even if you are corrupt to the core and even when charges and criminal cases are pending, as long as you are considered to be useful to the new ruling elite.

(Posted on August 20 , 2014 @ 10:00am)

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