48.5 lakh fraud involving ATM cash loading personnel


Mangalore, May 7, 2013 :

A major ATM fraud to the tune of 48.5 lacs involving personnel engaged by the banks for loading cash into their ATMs has come to light in the city.  It is said that the personnel disabled CC camera inside unmanned ATMs and used secret locks during night time to withdraw the money.  The fraud went undetected for nearly ten months.

The fraud came to light when the ICICI bank and the Global Management Company of Bangalore hired by the Bank during the audit found something amiss in the cash in the ATMs and the amount mentioned in the record books.

Following detailed investigations by the companies involved it was found that two personnel Gautham and Anilraj from Mangaladevi were said to be the mastermind and based on a complaint by the companies Bunder police arrested them. Both the arrested are employees of Global Management Company, which was hired by the ICICI bank to replenish their ATMs on a regular basis.

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